These are just a handful of the many dedicated groups working towards a better world for elephants. We are proud to be direct supporters of Big Life Foundation and their anti-poaching initiatives in Kenya and Tanzania through the funds generated by the sale of our merchandise. Click here to aid our efforts and contribute to elephant conservation by purchasing a Burn The Ivory | Save The Elephant bracelet. 100% of donations and proceeds from the sale of bracelets go to funding on the ground elephant conservation efforts, administering our programs, and developing educational materials aimed at raising awareness of the elephant poaching crisis.  You can also Donate to our General Fund here.



Big Life Foundation  Big Life’s mission is to conserve and sustain the wildlife and the wild lands of the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem of East Africa through innovative conservation strategies that address the greatest threats while at the same time satisfying the economic interests of the resident Maasai people in ways that improve the quality of life for the entire community. Big Life was founded by photographer Nick Brandt & conservationist Richard Bonham in October 2010.




WildAID Through Public Service Announcements and short form documentary pieces, WildAid is working to educate consumers and reduce the demand for ivory products worldwide. WildAID’s messages reach one billion people a week in China alone. In addition, they are working to secure migratory corridors for elephants in Asia and mitigate against human-elephant conflict.

IFAW – International Fund for Animal Welfare IFAW works to protect critical elephant habitat, help manage human-elephant conflict, prevent poaching, and advocate for ending the ivory trade. Their website also has educational materials, background on the ivory trade, recent elephant news, Fact sheets, and more.

Elephant Voices mission is to inspire wonder in the intelligence, complexity and voices of elephants, and to secure a kinder future for them through conservation, research and the sharing of knowledge. They aim to advance the study of elephant cognition, communication and social behavior, and to promote the scientifically sound and ethical management and care of elephants through research, conservation, education and advocacy.

Save The Elephants Founded by Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, STE believes that the survival of the elephant depends on four key elements – Research & Conservation, Protection, Grassroots Education, and Global Communication. Save The Elephants supports vital research into elephant ecology and behavior and have pioneered GPS radio tracking of elephants in Africa.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  The DSWT is directly involved in many facets of elephants conservation. They provide a home and care for orphaned baby elephants, victims of the ivory trade. They also provide mobile veterinary services to injured animals in the wild, have a de-snaring program, and provide extensive community outreach programs. The Trust was established in 1977 in honor of famous naturalist David Sheldrick, founding Warden of Tsavo East National Park.

Elephant Advocacy This site is designed to increase awareness of current issues affecting endangered elephants, fuel the passion needed to serve, protect and preserve elephants and inspire individuals to take action locally and globally that facilitates the survival, dignity and well-being of elephants in the wild and in captivity.

For Elephants International (formerly Elephant E-ctivism) Get the latest Action Alerts & petitions relevant to both African and Asian elephant conservation, follow along with the E-ctivism blog, get information on advocacy groups, elephant related products, news & much more.

Save Elephant Foundation Founded by Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, the non-profit Save Elephant Foundation is dedicated to protecting Asian elephants and providing care and assistance to Thailand’s captive elephant population through a multifaceted approach involving local community outreach, rescue and rehabilitation programs, and educational eco-tourism operations.

Elephant Earth Initiative seeks to improve the lives of elephants by engaging with local people in areas where wild elephants live and where captive elephants are kept. They strive to initiate and support the conservation of wild elephant habitat, facilitate research of wild elephant populations, provide education around captive elephant welfare issues, and help to develop humane and sustainable elephant tourism projects.

Bloody Ivory This initiative of the Born Free Foundation provides information on the ivory trade, the latest elephant news, and provides a platform for taking action against the trade of ivory. Sign their petition calling on the Parties to CITES, organisations, conservationists and people who care about elephants to reject any future proposals for trade in ivory and to support improved protection for elephants here. You can also visit Born Free’s site for more ways to support elephants here.

iWorry is a campaign by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  As long as there is a market for ivory, elephants will be cruelly killed for their tusks. iWorry wants everyone who loves elephants to Say NO To Ivory and stand up for elephants. The iWorry campaign aims to raise awareness of the urgent need to stop all trade in ivory internationally, in order to protect the future of elephants.


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